Alex adopted me a number of years ago. He actually belonged to the neighbor on the east side of me, yet spent hours hanging
out with his kitty friends that lived with my neighbors to the west. He traveled through my yard going back and forth between
home and friends.

At that time I had been laid off at work and was spending more time in my home office and patio area. Alex began spending more and more time on one of my Adirondack chairs, during which we had great conversations. He is very vocal and expressive. He also started to follow me into the house. He was unbelievably well mannered. I set out a water bowl for him. I was also rather allergic to him.

An allergy prescription and a year later, I set out a food bowl. I still cannot keep Alex in the house overnight (swollen yucky eyes and congestion issues). Yet he knows that he is welcome to join his kitty friends next door in a comfy kitty igloo in the kitties’ house. It’s a perfect arrangement.

Monday, July 1, 2013


It's 5:00 AM!
The coolest part of 
the day, and yet
it's 100 degrees (F).

I've taken my iced coffee/hot chocolate
morning beverage mixture 
outside to my veggie garden
to sit and enjoy
the sunrise.

I've only had one sip
I hear a sound that 
breaks my heart.

A cat is howling...
not just any cat  

The neighbors laundry room
window is just a few
feet away
that howl...

Not one signifying pain 
or fright...
It is a howl of wildness
a howl of distress
a howl of confinement

It is the most heart 
wrenching sound
and there is 
nothing I can do...

And yet
the house sitter's
from experience
how distressed Panther becomes
when he is confined.

The 'kitty sitter' has left Panther 
inside the house and gone
to her condo
leaving him in captivity

This is the same individual 
keeping my sweet Alex
from me.

Both of these sweet kitties 
are sooooo close and yet
because of a control freak's
unconscionable actions, they are
oh sooooo far away!

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