Alex adopted me a number of years ago. He actually belonged to the neighbor on the east side of me, yet spent hours hanging
out with his kitty friends that lived with my neighbors to the west. He traveled through my yard going back and forth between
home and friends.

At that time I had been laid off at work and was spending more time in my home office and patio area. Alex began spending more and more time on one of my Adirondack chairs, during which we had great conversations. He is very vocal and expressive. He also started to follow me into the house. He was unbelievably well mannered. I set out a water bowl for him. I was also rather allergic to him.

An allergy prescription and a year later, I set out a food bowl. I still cannot keep Alex in the house overnight (swollen yucky eyes and congestion issues). Yet he knows that he is welcome to join his kitty friends next door in a comfy kitty igloo in the kitties’ house. It’s a perfect arrangement.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


It is a horrible experience 
to not be able to 
find a lost 

It is an equally horrible experience
to not be able to 
see and hold your pet
because of SPITEFUL people!

It is now well into the 5th day
that my sweet pet Alex
is being kept away from me
by  a spiteful person

What is even more disturbing is
that the very SPITEFUL person that is
denying me Alex
is still confining the partially feral
beautiful Panther kitty
to visit
which he has done every day
for years!

A person who does this to 
a helpless animal, especially since she
has been charged with caring for 
these sweet furries
is soooooooo beyond being rational!
And so the 
sweet kitties suffer
even more than
I do!

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