Alex adopted me a number of years ago. He actually belonged to the neighbor on the east side of me, yet spent hours hanging
out with his kitty friends that lived with my neighbors to the west. He traveled through my yard going back and forth between
home and friends.

At that time I had been laid off at work and was spending more time in my home office and patio area. Alex began spending more and more time on one of my Adirondack chairs, during which we had great conversations. He is very vocal and expressive. He also started to follow me into the house. He was unbelievably well mannered. I set out a water bowl for him. I was also rather allergic to him.

An allergy prescription and a year later, I set out a food bowl. I still cannot keep Alex in the house overnight (swollen yucky eyes and congestion issues). Yet he knows that he is welcome to join his kitty friends next door in a comfy kitty igloo in the kitties’ house. It’s a perfect arrangement.

Friday, August 23, 2013


I love early morning – it’s a lovely time for reflection. This morning as I watched the sky and the clouds change color and the horizon brighten a wonderful thought formed and then expanded to a joyous outcome that I simply must share…

It is a beautiful August morning and I am in the process of beginning a whole new chapter of my life. I am very excited!

Following is a brief review of recent actions that are the impetus for my new beginning. In my experience there is usually an ending of some kind before a new start begins; I was pretty much blindsided by the ending I am experiencing.

A dear friend of twenty-two years decided to end our friendship and did so in the most negative of ways:
  • She betrayed our friendship,
  • she betrayed my trust,
  • she purposely betrayed my confidences,
  • she purposely caused me to loose my employment,
  • she sneaked into my yard and stole my precious pet and still holds him hostage,
  • she called the police to trespass me when I knocked on her door to inquire when I might see my sweet kitty,
  • she takes the meanest and most negative action and obtains a protective order against me swearing (in a legal document) that she fears I will harm her physically or even cause her death!
  • weeks ago she trotted down and across the street, where the two ‘neighborhood gossips’ (2 guys) were sitting and told them lies about me.

Her betrayal is complete!! I now perceive her as a nasty prevaricating mean old woman. 

I don’t want to see her. 
I don’t want to live next door to her. 
I don’t want to have any kind of association with her.
I don’t want to ever see her again.
I feel great pity for the toxic person she is.


The “for lease” sign is planted firmly in my front yard! I’ve already signed the lease for my new digs…. There are a few loose ends to tie up and a couple of regrets – I have mostly accepted that I will not see my sweet dear Alex the Kitty again or be able to throw my arms around the lovely man who has been a wonderful neighbor and role model of what/how a man should act, to my daughters when they were young. I will be forever grateful to him for teaching me college algebra (grade: A) during my senior year at UNLV (non-traditional student), and reading/editing all my papers and especially my graduate thesis!!! I am heartbroken that I will not be allowed to see him or be able to kiss his dear sweet old cheek and tell him goodbye.

Moving boxes are filling up, the truck is reserved, the moving crew is on alert and I’ve just finished a couple of painted furniture projects! The ‘possibilities’ in my new chapter’s direction are adding up daily and I am so ready to start exploring those possibilities and ‘go with the flow’…. Life is good!

Since I am moving from this location and I no longer have “My Buddy Alex” to inspire me or blog about - this blog will cease….thank you for your interest dear readers.


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