Alex adopted me a number of years ago. He actually belonged to the neighbor on the east side of me, yet spent hours hanging
out with his kitty friends that lived with my neighbors to the west. He traveled through my yard going back and forth between
home and friends.

At that time I had been laid off at work and was spending more time in my home office and patio area. Alex began spending more and more time on one of my Adirondack chairs, during which we had great conversations. He is very vocal and expressive. He also started to follow me into the house. He was unbelievably well mannered. I set out a water bowl for him. I was also rather allergic to him.

An allergy prescription and a year later, I set out a food bowl. I still cannot keep Alex in the house overnight (swollen yucky eyes and congestion issues). Yet he knows that he is welcome to join his kitty friends next door in a comfy kitty igloo in the kitties’ house. It’s a perfect arrangement.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Late January – Early February: Friend/neighbor ramps up obsession with shop that I am employed at. Instead of 2 or 3 time a week for a couple of hours; she starts coming 3 or 4 times/week for 2-3 hours each time (she is “volunteering”).

End of March: Friend/neighbor is now “volunteering” at my place of employment at least 5 days a week and close to 4 hours a day.

April: I kindly express to friend/neighbor that I fear for my job because she is spending so many hours “volunteering” at my place of employment. She becomes very angry (it’s all about her and what she wants). She knows I need the job and yet she talks to my employer and makes this personal issue between us – public. As I have stated before it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make a decision between paying someone or taking advantage of free labor. I am now out of a job.

May: I was fired one week prior to knee surgery – work related injury. I am upset. My friend/neighbor has stopped speaking to me and now has a new BFF – the shop owner. They are both nasty to me. The shop owner did not pay my full salary or full commission for my desk that sold.  Mind you she has the benefit of my work product and her full commission from my desk. When it became apparent that she was not going to ‘take care of business,’ I filed a small claims court action. She retaliated with a protective order (judge set it aside). To this day I have not received what is due me (she asked for delay – court date in September).

June: Neighbor/former friend now spends 5-6 days a week and 4-5 hours a day at shop (says husband with Alzheimer’s is home sleeping). He is not sleeping the whole time – he is wandering outside and/or on multi-level deck…sooooo hazardous! As it was with me – she doesn’t care!! It’s all about her and what she wants!!

Mid June: she literally sneaks into my yard and steals my wonderful pet – Alex the Kitty – from my front planting bed! I sent several texts – then knock on front door. She calls the police and I’m given a “trespass notice.” A couple of days later I’m served with a protective order (sound familiar – new BFF had visited). In the order, former friend states that she fears bodily harm/death from me and she includes Alex as part of who needs protection! I have not seen him for over 55 days. She is a cruel person, lacking in empathy and compassion! She is totally unbalanced or has suffered mini-stroke(s) or she is afflicted with her own dementia or she has just become a nasty, mean, old toxic person!!! 

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